As far as the service goes, it couldn't have been better. They showed up right on time and got to work. They were as non-invasive as possible and did an amazing job! They even showed me how much 'gunk' came out of my air ducts!I SO can't recommend them enough! Our house is about 90 years old and probably only had this work done twice in all that time. I've never seen the ducts cleaner in my life. They also don't have one bad report about them with the BBB! Not one in 19 years! They're the best and they're worth the extra money!  Yelp Review  From  J.M. , Glen Ellyn, IL

My husband and I moved into our first home and renovated the first floor. With the cooler weather setting in, we were ready to turn on our furnace, but with all the remodeling work we did we knew we had to hire an air duct cleaning company. This being our first home, we've never had to hire such a service. We did some research, and came across a heating company's website that recommended ADC, Inc. My husband called to set up the appointment on Monday, and they said their first availability was Friday. Marc expressed some emergency and they immediately scheduled us for Wednesday morning, a mere 48 hrs later! Technicians Jimmy & Rey showed up at 9am sharp as promised, and got right to work. There was a LOT of debris they removed using their equipment. They were hardworking, very friendly, and put up with our two dogs (who don't necessarily like random people in our house with noisy equipment!). Jimmy & Rey spent 3 hours cleaning all vent openings throughout the house and charged us a reasonable $259! We HIGHLY recommend this company.  Yelp Review From E.M, Chicago, IL
The tenant in our rental house reported that the new dryer stopped working properly; the cloths remained soaking wet even after an hour of drying time.  I suspected a clogged air vent line because the house was built in 1961 and owned by my family ever since and the line was never cleanded the entire time.  Additionally, no air could be felt coming out the exterior exhaust vent.  The vent line runs about 35' feet from the laundry room to the exterior wall.  Air Duct cleaning was called in and completely cleared the entire line after working on it for about two hours.   I am very very pleased with them in every way. They were very professional in in their work and demeanor and I now plan to have them clean the vent line on a regular basis every year.
 Angie's List Review From R.M, North Barrington IL
I hired ADC to clean the air ducts, furnace and dryer vents in our home.  ADC was very punctual, detail-oriented, professional, knowledgeable and honest.  ADC did an excellent job.  I will definitely hire ADC again.
Angie's List Review From J.L, Forest Park, IL
The technicians arrived on time, got to work right away, explained what he was doing. They work was reasonably priced. Jim and his assistant did a very good & thorough job. Both were very polite. Angie's List Review From J.D, Norridge, IL
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